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Xslt based response gets Xslt file as result

first post: ccstorm wrote: When I execute an webservice operation that has been configured to ...

Need to add HandlerMap for new mock services

first post: steveculshaw wrote: Suggest it would be nice to have an item in the deployment that a n...

latest post: santoshbenjamin wrote: Steve,Thanks. Will add to the documentation.Cheersbenjy

Minor point, can't access default page without web.config change

first post: steveculshaw wrote: I couldn't access the default age until I amended the web.config ...

latest post: santoshbenjamin wrote: This discussion has been copied to a work item. Click here to go to...

bug in GetOperationNameFromSoapAction

first post: ManchesterRay wrote: Hi Santosh.I have discovered a bug in the GetOperationNameFromSoapA...

latest post: santoshbenjamin wrote: Hi Ray,Apologies for not getting back sooner. I havent been getting...

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