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Platform Considerations*

If you are using this on Win7 or Win2008/R2 (Basically IIS7.x) then the app pool should be running in Classic Mode. Also take a look at the Troubleshooting section of the Installation Guide for changes needed to the web.config as the way HttpHandlers are loaded has changed from previous versions of IIS. If it still doesnt work, please let me know and I will look into the issues.

Implementation Platform and Pre-requisites

This is written against .NET 3.5 and uses some C# 3.0 features as well as the MoQ mock-object framework. The IoC mechanism is Unity . The test framework is MbUnit3.5. MbUnit 3.5 uses the Gallio Test Automation Platform and these binaries are only required if you run the unit and functional tests (and the packages include the binaries used for development). Note that for developing/debugging the unit tests, Gallio should be installed. It is not enough to merely reference the DLLs. You can use any of the unit test runners (Gallio Icarus, TestDriven, R# or CodeRush TestRunner).


This Workspace

  1. Quick Setup Guide - the 10 min overview to setting it up
  2. Detailed Scenarios - description of the Contract First approaches and the Environment Isolation
  3. Alternative approaches - what other approaches can be used for mocking services?

Blog Articles

  1. Introducing MockingBird (announcing this tool)
  2. Waltzing with WSDL (progress on the Studio GUI
  3. MockingBird Beta
  4. MockingBird Beta-2
  5. MockingBird v1 RTM
  6. MockingBird - The Roadmap
  7. MockingBird - v2.0 RC
  8. MockingBird - v2.0 RTM

Acknowledgements, the team and the roadmap

The Original Idea

MockingBird started life as MockWeb an internal HTTP based tool that my former colleagues Senthil Sai , Will Struthers and I developed over 3 years ago. Credit must go to them the inspiration behind this tool. MockingBird now has a growing core team (Bram Veldhoen, Cormac O Brien, Shen Chauhan) and a number of 'advisors.

Contributors & Supporters

I would also like to thank Nick Heppleston for his early adoption and feedback which helped build more quality into the tool. I would also like to thank Yossi Dahan and Michael Stephenson for their support. A big thanks to the community for adopting MockingBird. Its an awesome experience to keep bumping into folks at user groups who are regular users of MockingBird and hear of their scenarios!!


As indicated on the home page , We are constantly looking for ways to extend the reach and utility of this tool. Of course, it all depends on time available outside regular work for all the current team. If you would like to join and /or contribute code to extend MockingBird (especially in the primary areas i've listed) please do let me know. Do send us feedback via the discussion forums here on your installation /setup experiences, thoughts on making it more extensible and so on, and most importantly of course, do let us know if its working for you or not. All feedback is appreciated.

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