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High Level Overview

The following picture shows a high level overview of the MockingBird Service Simulator.


The message comes into the system via the ClassicInterceptor component (a HttpHandler). This is then passed to the core engine of the application (all components highlighted blue). The entry point into the engine is the IRequestDistributor. This then gets a IMessageHandler instance by calling a IHandlerDispenser which in turn uses an IHandlerResolver to get the type name of a handler for the endpoint and then creates an instance and returns it to the distributor. The distributor then invokes a handleMessage operation on the IMessageHandler.

IMessageHandler has a sibling class named HandlerConfigurationManager which takes care of all configuration data for the handler and abstracts away the format of the configuration data.

IMessageHandler in turn has some dependencies not shown on the diagram for the sake of simplicity. They are
IResponseBuilder and ISoapFaultBuilder

The system employs an abstraction named IExecutionContext which allows it to function independently of an active HttpContext. This will also be useful when moving to WCF as we can set up executionContext with data from WCF's OperationContext.

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