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The WinForms ‘Driver’ app provided with the tool is useful for verifying that the install is working correctly (and can also be used to test your mock endpoints). This application requires that the “sample” endpoint is available in the datafiles folder. (It should be available by default anyway, as its included in the package).
(1) Launch the application – the app picks up the default settings from the configuration file

(2) Select a request data file by clicking the file browse button next to the request file name. On selecting a file (for this verification process choose “CreateNewPersonRequest”), the file is opened in the browser control. This control is read-only in this version.

(3) On the ‘response’ side the soapAction need NOT be changed. Click the Submit button. You should see a successful response as shown in the following figure.

(4) Now test the “GetPerson” method by choosing the request file “GetPerson_James”. Update the soapAction so that the last segment is “:GetPerson”. Now click submit and you should see a successful response as shown in the following figure.

(5) Now test the “SoapFault” response by picking the “GetPerson_SoapFault” file. Leave the soapAction as “:GetPerson” and click submit. You should see the Soap Fault in the response section as shown below.

(6) If these steps all work as described above, then the installation is ok. You can also use this Driver app to test the services you deploy.

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